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Some Complain That Zero Vision Isn’t Doing Enough

Beginning in October of 2011, Local Law 13 requires the New York City Department of Transportation to compile the total number of bicycle accidents reported to city agencies. Starting on June 1, 2012, and yearly thereafter, the NYCDOT must provide a report on the annual number of crashes. In 2017 alone, there were 4,397 bicyclists injured in crashes involving motor vehicles. There were also 24 fatalities involving bicycles and motor vehicles. As a part of his Zero Vision campaign, Mayor de Blasio promised to make New York streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. However, at a vigil for a bicycle messenger hit and killed by a car, people say he is not doing enough. Curbed NY reports on the story.

On March 1st, bicycle messenger Aurillia Lawrence was hit and killed by a driver who left the scene. Lawrence was struck at Broadway and Rodney Street in Williamsburg.

Following the accident, friends and co-workers of Lawrence gathered to hold a vigil at the site of the accident. Those in attendance included members of the tight knit bike messenger community, safety activists, and local elected officials.

Those at the vigil used the memorial as an opportunity to call for faster work on street improvements, and also called for the New York Police Department to stop its policy of ticketing bicyclists.

Many of those who spoke at the vigil noted that the area of Broadway between Kent and New York Avenues has been a noted problem area and was even designated a priority corridor under de Blasio’s Vision Zero back in 2015. However, to look at the street today, one would be hard pressed to notice any changes.

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