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People Seek Legal Help After Suffering Injury And Learning Of Motorized Bicycles Brake Recall

E-scooters and E-pedal bikes are fast becoming a popular method of transportation in cities across the nation. Companies such as Bird and Lime rent scooters, while companies like Uber and Lyft rent out the motorized bicycles. Accompanying the rise in popularity of these vehicles, we have also seen a rise in the number of accidents that riders are being involved in. These accidents are sometimes minor, resulting in relatively superficial injuries. However, many riders have experienced serious injuries such as broken bones and head injuries. Some riders of the e-bikes are now suing Citi Bike for having bikes with faulty brakes, as the NY Daily News Reports.

At first, Felipe Ventura blamed himself for the e-bike crash he was involved in. The crash happened when a pedestrian stepped in front of him, forcing him to brake. When he braked, he flew over the handlebars of the bike to the ground, breaking both elbows.

He changed his mind about it being his fault when he discovered that Citi Bike pulled its entire fleet of 1,000 bicycles because of a problem with their brakes.

Ventura is among several injured Citi Bike riders who are now seeking legal help.

Ventura’s crash, which occurred on March 16th, has prevented him from working his job as a nurse. His doctors say he may never be able to fully extend his arms again.

59-year-old Bill Somers broke his hip after braking on a Citi Bike he was riding on the upper-west side last month. Both Somers and Ventura have even hired the same attorney. The NY Daily News has also uncovered eight other New Yorkers who have been injured after flying off of the electronic motor-assisted bikes.

Many of those who have been injured after tapping the brakes have believed it was their fault until the bikes were publicly recalled.


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