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Motorized Bikes With Faulty Brakes Causes Injuries

Just like the e-scooters offered by companies like Bird and Lime, motorized pedal bike rentals are becoming just as popular. Companies such as Uber and Lyft are offering electric bikes for rent in major cities and on college campuses nationwide. Unfortunately, the widespread use of both the bikes and the scooters have led to a rising number of injuries. Many of these injuries are minor, but some have been serious. The user agreements of most of the applications used to rent the bikes and scooters recommend wearing a helmet, but helmets do not come with the bikes or the scooters.

The Verge reports on Uber’s Jump e-bikes having a braking malfunction that has led to several injuries.

The Uber Jump bike had only been in use for about 15 minutes when Rachelle Kuebler-Webber pressed the brakes. This caused the front wheel to lock up, sending her flying over the handlebars of the bike. She suffered from a broken wrist, a mild concussion and bruising.

The Uber Jump bikes use the same braking system as the bikes used by Lyft’s Motivate subsidiary. This week, Lyft recalled several bikes in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco due to a braking problem that causes the front wheel of the bike to immediately lock up.

Uber acknowledged that they use the same bikes as Lyft, but claimed that it modified the braking system to fix the malfunction. Several Lyft riders have come forward with detailed injuries that occurred due to the malfunction, but so far, few Uber riders have done the same.


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