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Tracy Morgan Wrecks Bugatti Supercar

New York is one of the many states that require that a person registering a vehicle in the state obtain car insurance. New York not only requires certain state minimum coverage, but it also requires that a driver have at least $50,000 in personal injury protection because it is a no-fault state. This means that should a person be injured in an accident; they file a claim with their insurance under personal injury protection first. Car insurance not only covers injuries, but in the case of full coverage or comprehensive coverage, it covers damages to the vehicle as well.

CBS Local New York reports on an accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan, who wrecked his $2 million Bugatti hours after purchasing it. Comedian Tracy Morgan, who made headlines for a traumatic crash involving a Walmart semi-trailer, was involved in another accident on Tuesday. The accident occurred in Midtown.

The other driver, Jocelyn Madulid, says that Morgan became enraged after the accident. She described an ordeal that terrified her. Madulid was driving a Honda CRV, making a right turn onto 10th Avenue from 42nd Street Tuesday morning when someone hit her car. She said she was by the light when the collision occurred.

Madulid says that after the accident, Morgan got out of his car and began banging on her vehicle with his fists, cursing at her. She said he continued with the behavior until the police arrived. She said that the actor screamed at her. “You are on your phone. You are going to jail,” Morgan reportedly threatened the woman.

Madulid said that once she learned who Morgan was, she felt pity for him. Morgan’s 2014 accident with a Walmart truck made national headlines. She said that she understood why the actor was so upset.

Morgan was driving a $2 million Bugatti that he had just purchased two hours prior.

Neither driver was given a ticket in the accident.

There was no word on how much it would cost to repair Morgan’s Bugatti.

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