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Tractor-Trailer Driver Unknowingly Kills Pedestrian

In New York for 2018, the number of pedestrian deaths were down from previous years. This led Mayor Bill de Blasio to claim that his Vision Zero initiative to decrease traffic deaths was successful.

But in 2019, both pedestrian and bicyclist deaths soared. By mid-2019, there were already 10 cyclist deaths, matching the number for all of 2018. There were also 46 pedestrian deaths, which was eight more than the same period in 2018.

To counter the rising number of cyclist deaths, a few changes were made, such as allowing cyclists to go before traffic at stoplights. More bicycle lanes were added, and police began enforcing laws designed to protect both pedestrians and cyclists.

Syracuse.com reports that a tractor-trailer driver claims he was unaware that he had hit a pedestrian. The incident happened at about 6 P.M. on Sunday as 30-year-old Richard Wydick walked east on Seventh North Street. He was near the Pilot truck stop when he stepped into the roadway.

The light at the intersection with Terminal Road East was just turning green. A tractor-trailer was turning off Terminal Road East onto Seventh North Street. It struck Wydick and continued driving. Paramedics pronounced Wydick dead at the scene.

Police were able to identify the truck through surveillance cameras as an Active Canada, Inc. truck. Active Canada contacted the truck driver, who stopped and waited for detectives at a duty-free shop near the Canadian border.

The driver of the truck, whose name was not released, cooperated with police. He stated that he did not see Wydick and did not realize that he had hit him. Wydick was wearing dark clothing at the time of the accident.

The tractor-trailer was inspected, and no violations were found. The accident is still under investigation.

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