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Vehicle Evading Police Crashes Into A Family Of 5

Like many police departments, the New York City Police Department has policies governing when police officers can pursue a criminal suspect and when that pursuit must be called off due to posing too much danger to the public. Crashes related to police chases make up a small percentage of overall traffic accidents. However, the people injured in those accidents are typically innocent bystanders and the police officers themselves. Many times, a suspect vehicle will end up crashing into the vehicle of bystanders.

NBC New York reports on a vehicle that crashed into a family of five while trying to evade police.

Police officers attempted to pull over a gray Mercedes-Benz, but the driver took off. Police eventually called off the pursuit, but the driver of the Mercedes continued driving recklessly at high speeds.  The driver then ran a red light and plowed into a Mazda which was carrying two adults and three children. The mother and one of the three children remained hospitalized on Tuesday.

The accident occurred at East 163rd Street and Washington Avenue in Morrisania. Three suspects took off on foot from the Mercedes after the crash. Two of the suspects were caught, but the third remains at large.

It was not clear what charges the suspects in the Mercedes would face.

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