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What Happens If I Was Injured While Visiting New York City?

Posted: May 13, 2020 | Categories: Personal Injury

If you or a family member suffered injuries while visiting New York City, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation. Contact a New York City personal injury lawyer for help understanding how the laws apply to you and how to file a claim against the responsible party or parties Injuries to Annual Visitors in […]

Two Injured On A York Fair Ferris Wheel Are Suing The Ride’s Manufacturer

Posted: | Categories: News

There is no national governing authority to ensure the safety of rides at amusement parks. Instead, inspection is left up to individual states. The state of New York has several inspections to ensure the safety of amusement park rides. The State Department of Labor inspects all the rides at stationary amusement parks at least once […]

Three People Were Injured In A Multi-Vehicle DWI Crash

Posted: May 11, 2020 | Categories: Car Accidents

New York law provides for serious consequences to those that choose to drive while intoxicated. Being intoxicated no longer just means being under the influence of alcohol. Being under the influence can extend to being intoxicated by legal, illegal, prescription, and over the counter drugs or medications. If a driver is in an accident that […]

A Drive Leaves An Officer With Critical Injuries In A Hit And Run Accident

Posted: May 7, 2020 | Categories: News

In the State of New York, drivers who are intoxicated by drugs or alcohol and injure another person can be charged with vehicular assault. In New York, there are three primary types of vehicular assault. Second-degree, first-degree, and aggravated vehicular assault. While vehicular assault in the second degree is the least serious of the three […]

A Bicyclist Was Killed In A Hit-And-Run Accident

Posted: May 6, 2020 | Categories: News

Anytime that a motor vehicle accident causes a fatality, it is a traumatic event for all involved. In many cases, such accidents are unintentional and do not warrant criminal charges. However, in New York, there are circumstances that may warrant the criminal charge of vehicular homicide. These circumstances include driving while intoxicated, driving recklessly, driving […]

5 Children Died In A Horse and Carriage Accident

Posted: May 5, 2020 | Categories: News

As the growth of Amish communities in New York has revitalized small towns, family farms have also seen a rise in small businesses. Though economically healthy, this increase has come with disadvantages. According to the New York State Police, the number of buggy accidents is also on the rise. The New York State Police accident […]

A Baseball Fan Sues The Chicago Cubs For Injuries She Sustained During A Game

Posted: May 4, 2020 | Categories: News

Sporting events are often a welcome distraction from the day-to-day lives of many fans. While these events can be a fun way to pass an afternoon or an evening, many attending are unaware of the risks that come with cheering on their favorite professional team. However, few people are aware of the fine print on […]

A Police Officer Was Critically Injured In An Accident

Posted: May 1, 2020 | Categories: Car Accidents

In New York, an accident that causes injury to another person is not necessarily charged as a crime. The at-fault driver may face citations for the traffic codes that they violated; however, these are not classified as crimes. However, if the driver is intoxicated or is committing another crime, such as fleeing from police or […]

Two People Died In A Crash That Ripped The Car In Half

Posted: April 29, 2020 | Categories: Car Accidents

Highways and roads in some of the most populous cities in the United States have been emptier than ever in recent memory, thanks to shelter-at-home orders during the pandemic. While this has meant that in many areas, accidents have decreased, one traffic violation has seen a significant uptick: speeding. New York is no exception to […]

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