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New Study Claims Drug Use Is High In The Construction Industry

Posted: November 6, 2019 | Categories: News

According to the New York State Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction workers made up 27% of all work-related deaths. This figure is despite the fact that construction workers only make up 5% of the state’s workforce. Overall, New York’s work-related fatality rate is low compared to the national average, but when focused solely on the […]

Woman Indicted For DUI Car Crash That Split Vehicle In Two

Posted: November 5, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

In the state of New York, there have been drunk driving laws on the books since 1910. Despite a history of over 100 years, the state is still struggling against DUI-related injuries and fatalities. Despite the fact that alcohol is a factor in 1/3 of all the crashes, it has one of the lowest arrest […]

Transit Bus Passenger Receives $11 Million Settlement

Posted: November 4, 2019 | Categories: News

Overall, public transportation is a relatively safe and secure mode of transportation. In fact, public transit has about a tenth of the traffic fatality rate as automobile travel. Areas that are more public transit oriented have about one fifth of the traffic casualty rate as those that are more automobile-centric. Between 2000 and 2009, car […]

New Car Seat Law Starts Today

Posted: November 1, 2019 | Categories: News

13 Wham reports that the new law regarding rear-facing car seats in New York begins on November 1st. Rachel Muni of Churchville, New York supports the new car seat law soon to go into effect in New York. The law states that a rear-facing car seat will no longer be a recommendation for children under 2. It […]

Woman Struggling To Survive After Being Hit By A Bus In The Bronx

Posted: October 31, 2019 | Categories: Bus Accidents

According to statistics, nearly 63,000 buses are involved in accidents each year. 325 of those had fatal injuries. 14,000 had non-fatal injuries and 48,000 resulted in property damage only. Of the 375 people who are killed in bus crashes annually, 50 are occupants of the bus, including drivers. 100 of those fatalities are pedestrians and […]

Crash Involving Deer And Semi On Route 17 Kills Two Children

Posted: October 30, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

Press Connects reports that a crash on Route 17 in Waverly killed a 7-year-old boy and his 11-year-old sister. The crash occurred at about 6:43 p.m. on October 20th. A 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback was being driven by 38-year-old Darlene L. Allen. The vehicle was about 2.5 miles east of exit 61. She was traveling east […]

Would Homeowners Be Liable For Trick-Or-Treat Injuries?

Posted: October 29, 2019 | Categories: News

Halloween is coming up in just a few short days. While some people may go out and party since it is a weekend, another thing is a surety. That is the fact that there will be trick-or-treaters going door to door in search of candy. While some homes may welcome trick-or-treaters and others may elect […]

Driver In Four Fatality Crash Turns Himself In To Police

Posted: October 28, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

New York Penal Law § 125.14 covers the crime of aggravated vehicular homicide. The crime of aggravated vehicular homicide is committed if a person is driving recklessly and causes the death of another person and the driver committed other violations. These violations include a BAC of at least .18%, a DUI conviction within 10 years […]

Man Pleads Guilty To Vehicular Homicide Crash That Involved Alcohol

Posted: October 25, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

NJ.com reports that a man has pleaded guilty to charges in the fiery DWI crash that killed a man from south Jersey.  23-year-old Jatinder S. Bhatti was behind the wheel of an Audi A5 northward on Route 55 on October 22, 2017. He slammed into the rear of a vehicle being driven by 78-year-old Dominic […]

Dashcams Can Back Up Your Version Of A Story

Posted: October 24, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

There are several ways that police officers make a determination about who is at fault in a car accident. The first, of course, is the statements of those involved in the crash and other witnesses. They also take a look at the ending positions of the vehicles involved and can make a determination from there. […]

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