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Cadet Killed In Rollover Accident

Posted: June 10, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

According to the Military.com website, for the first time since 2011, in 2015 on-duty deaths exceeded deaths that occurred in combat. At first, this seemed like an anomaly, but through 2018, the trend continued. In 2017, four times as many military personnel died in training accidents than were killed in combat. According to the hard […]

Man Pleads Guilty In Crash That Killed Five Family Members

Posted: June 7, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

Wrong way driving only accounts for a small percentage of overall fatal car accidents, but due to the nature of these accidents, they are more likely to be fatal. This is because a majority of wrong way accidents occur at high speeds and typically involve head-on impact or side-swipe impact. Age has been represented as […]

Tracy Morgan Wrecks Bugatti Supercar

Posted: June 6, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

New York is one of the many states that require that a person registering a vehicle in the state obtain car insurance. New York not only requires certain state minimum coverage, but it also requires that a driver have at least $50,000 in personal injury protection because it is a no-fault state. This means that […]

Worker Falls To Death From Scaffolding, No Guardrails

Posted: June 5, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

When compared to the same period last year, construction accidents and fatalities rose in the first seven months of 2018. This is according to the city’s Department of Buildings, which oversees construction and job site safety in the city. The number of accidents rose from 386 to 457, an 18.4% increase. The number of injuries […]

Debris From Elevated Train Nearly Hits Pedestrian

Posted: June 4, 2019 | Categories: Pedestrian Accidents

It’s hard to picture New York without seeing the elevated trains and, of course, the iconic subway system. The Elevated Railway, or “El” began operation in 1868. While that version of the “El” is long gone, elevated trackways still exist in the outer boroughs as a part of the subway system. It is a system […]

Woman Released Without Bail In Fatal DWI Crash

Posted: June 3, 2019 | Categories: Drunk Driving Accidents

New York is like all other states in the United States in that it has implied consent laws. An implied consent law basically means that by obtaining a New York driver’s license, you agree to provide law enforcement with a chemical test if intoxication is suspected. While you can legally refuse to take the test, […]

50 First Repsonders On Scene For Crash

Posted: May 31, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

The Insurance Information Institute collects statistics on things which may affect car insurance rates. This information includes such data as the number of crashes each year, the number of fatal crashes, the sex of the drivers involved, whether alcohol or drugs were involved, and driver behaviors. According to these statistics, one of the major factors […]

Clifton Park Accident May Have Been Caused By DUI

Posted: May 30, 2019 | Categories: Drunk Driving Accidents

New York has a drunk-driving threshold of 0.08%, falling in line with every other state, which adopted this level or faced losing federal highway funds. However, a first time DUI in New York is just a traffic infraction so long as there are no injuries or a crash. After that first DUI, subsequent DUIs become […]

Niagara Falls Trip Leaves Many Children Injured, No Seat Belts

Posted: May 29, 2019 | Categories: Personal Injury

New York, like many states, has adopted laws that concern how long a child must be in a child seat or booster seat when in the car. These laws ensure the safety of infants and young children should the driver get into an accident. Children secured in infant car seats and booster seats are more […]

Will Limos Be Required To Use Seatbelts?

Posted: May 28, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

Whether a limousine is being hired for a birthday party, graduation, prom, wedding, anniversary, or another special event, passenger safety is always a concern. The truth is that stretch limousines and other vehicles designed to carry more than ten passengers aren’t required to have seatbelts. However, there are other regulations designed to keep passengers safe. […]

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