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Man Caused Delays After Jumping In Front Of Train

When it comes to subway and railway deaths in New York, suicide is the primary cause of death. In 2013, there were 28 deaths by a subway train. Of those, 16 were attributed to suicide. That number is down from 2010 when a staggering 35 of 51 fatalities were believed to be suicide. Hudson Valley 360 reports on a man who reportedly stepped in front of a train bound for Montreal.

The incident happened on Tuesday when 51-year-old David C. Soka of Austerlitz was killed after being struck by an Amtrak train.  Amtrak Adirondack No. 69 was traveling to Montreal from New York City when the train struck a person who had trespassed onto the tracks at about 10:30 a.m.  Amtrak officials and state police are investigating the incident. They were seen investigating a blue car that had been parted near the shore of Stockport Creek. A deceased male was located near the Stockport trestle on the Amtrak Empire Service Line.

None of the 125 passengers or crew were injured in the incident. Amtrak police and New York State Police are working together in the investigation of the accident. Train No. 69 resumed its trip to its destination at about 1 p.m. but was three hours late.

The accident also caused several other trains – Nos. 290, 238, 281 – to each run behind due to the accident. According to Operation Lifesaver, each year there are about 2,000 people that are killed or injured at railroad crossings nationwide.


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