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FAA Investigating 737 Max Crashes Closer After Second Crash

Odds are that when you get in your car to drive to the grocery store or slide into the back seat of that Uber to get home from the club, you’re not concerned about crashing. Yet, every time you get on a plane as you taxi down the runway, the thought has probably crossed your mind. The statistics clearly state that airline accidents happen with less frequency than car accidents. They even reveal that a person has a greater chance of choking to death than dying in a plane crash. However, a plane crash is often catastrophic. So, despite plane travel being statistically safer, people worry about plane crashes.

The Daily Freeman reports on Boeing’s prized jet, which is being scrutinized after a second crash.

Boeing’s 737 Max is the update to Boeing’s 737 and was expected to surpass its predecessor as the best-selling airplane ever. Since coming onto the scene in 2017, Boeing has delivered more than 350 of the jets that vary in size. The manufacturer has a backlog of some 5,900 planes, a majority of which are the new 737 Max.

However, there was an October crash involving a 737 Max 8 that crashed into the Java Sea, killing 189 people. The accident had little effect on new orders, allowing Boeing to easily bounce back. But now, another crash occurred this past Sunday in which another Max 8 crashed in Ethiopia, killing all 157 people on board.

Airlines in China, Indonesia, and Ethiopia have grounded all of their Boeing Max 8s. Caribbean carrier Cayman Airways, South Africa’s Comair, and Royal Air Maroc in Morocco followed suit.

The Federal Aviation Administration currently has no plans to ground the Max 8 and is just beginning its investigation. While they do expect Boeing to complete training for pilots in the automated anti-stall technology, they are not prepared to ground the planes just yet despite the urging of consumer group FlyerRights.org.

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