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Daylight Savings Time Increases Risk Of Crashes

It should go without saying, but sleep is important. It helps to restore not only your brain but also your body. Too little sleep is associated with weight gain because it alters the hormones that promote the feeling of satiety and hunger, which can lead to overeating. Too little sleep can also affect our cognitive processes, especially when we drive. CBS News reports that losing an hour of sleep over Daylight Savings Time can increase the risk of an accident.

AAA recommends anyone planning on driving on the day of Daylight Savings Time try to get at least an extra hour of sleep before the clocks jump forward.

Research from AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that drivers who miss one to two hours from the recommended seven hours of sleep nearly double their risk of a car crash.

Dr. David Yang, who is the executive director for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, says that a driver who has slept less than five hours is comparable to a driver who is driving drunk.

Knowing the signs that you are too drowsy to drive means that you can pull over and get some shut-eye before having an accident. If you feel like you’re having trouble keeping your eyes open, drifting from your lane, or forgetting the last few miles you’ve driven, then you need to pull over and get some sleep.

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