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Cadet Dies On Academy Ski Slope

Researchers estimate that about 600,000 people each year are injured while skiing or snowboarding. In the 2016 ski season, 54 skiers and snowboarders died at resorts in the United States. The majority of these deaths occurred on well-groomed, intermediate runs. Only 31% of the deaths and injuries occurred on expert slopes.

NBC New York reports on the death of a West Point Cadet who was killed during a skiing accident on the Academy’s slopes.

Cadet Peter Zhu was pronounced brain dead on February 23rd, following injuries that he sustained while skiing on February 21st. The Cadet had been skiing at the Victor Constant Ski Area on the academy grounds. He was found unresponsive by a fellow skier and was airlifted to Westchester County Medical Center.

Zhu was president of the Cadet Medical Society in Concord, California and had plans to attend a medical school at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.

He was an organ donor, and in addition to helping others with his donation, his parents are trying to get a court order to extract genetic material from him. As a part of China’s “one child” policy, he was their only male child, so they hope to collect his genetic material for their family name to continue.

Zhu’s death remains under investigation.


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