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Building Collapses After Drunk Driver Crashes Into It

New York has had statutes against drunken driving on the books since 1910, but it continues to struggle with drivers who are intoxicated. In New York, as many as 1/3 of all accidents are caused by an intoxicated driver. In 2013, out of 8,368 drunk driving crashes, 358 were fatal. 4,248 crashes ended in injuries. There were also 3,762 drunk driving accidents that resulted in property damages in excess of $1,000. The property damages include damages that were done to vehicles as well as damages to stationary property, such as buildings.

The NY Daily News reports on a drunken driver in Brooklyn who crashed into a building, demolishing the second-floor apartment. 20-year-old Andrew Baird told authorities that he had been out celebrating his 20th birthday when he “hit a bump” and went flying into a Brooklyn building, causing it to collapse around him.

Baird had been driving a rented BMW, speeding at 63-mph in a 25-mph zone when the accident occurred. He later told police that he had drank three “Henny sours” before driving. He met a friend at a hookah lounge and was “taking him to the store” when he plowed into the closed bodega at Avenue P near East 5th Street around 11:40 p.m. last Wednesday. Thankfully, no one was home in the apartment above the bodega.

Baird and his passenger ran on foot from the scene, but police caught up to Baird a few blocks away. The passenger escaped after cutting through varying backyards. Baird has been charged with criminal mischief, drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving while impaired.

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