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Cyclist Killed In Chelsea After Truck Strikes Bike

Posted: June 26, 2019 | Categories: News

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, pedestrian and bicyclist deaths rose in 2018. Overall traffic deaths fell 1% amid this increase. Numbers from 2017 show that pedestrian deaths accounted for 16% of all U.S. traffic deaths in 2017, up from 12% in 2009. That year, there were 599 pedestrian, bicyclist, and others […]

Scooter-Related Face And Head Injuries Triple Over Last Decade Due To Rental Scooters

Posted: June 25, 2019 | Categories: News

Recently, the New York State Senate decided to allow e-scooter rental companies such as Bird, Lime, and even Uber and Lyft to begin renting out motorized scooters. They are a cost-effective method of transportation and are particularly popular in urban areas and on college campuses. The legislation allows individual jurisdictions to draft their own regulations […]

Vape Device Explodes In Teen’s Face

Posted: June 24, 2019 | Categories: News

Vaping has become a popular way for many smokers to kick the habit. While some teens have begun vaping without prior cigarette use, many proponents of vaping state that it is an effective way to stop smoking for many former smokers. However, tales of things like “popcorn lung” and vapes exploding, causing injuries have been […]

Lawmakers Take Up Safety Netting Issue At Baseball Stadiums

Posted: June 21, 2019 | Categories: News

Spring and summer generally mean one thing to fans nationwide: the start of the baseball season. Millions of fans nationwide make trips to various parks to see their home teams play the sport. For the most part, it’s usually a fun family outing. Unfortunately for some fans, a day at the baseball stadium can end […]

Restrictions Pulled Back For Electric Scooters

Posted: June 20, 2019 | Categories: News

Whether you love them, hate them, or use them, e-scooters have become a reality in many U.S. cities. They are popular among urban residents and on college campuses as a way to get around without having to hail an Uber or use a personal vehicle. The popularity of these vehicles comes with a downside: companies […]

Long Island Athlete Dies In Car Wreck

Posted: June 19, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

Teen drivers have a higher rate of fatal car accidents than any other age group. This is primarily due to their immaturity, lack of driving skills, and lack of experience. In fact, car crashes are the number one cause of death among teens aged 15-19 in the United States. Many of these crashes are due […]

Back Seat May Not Be The Safest Seat Anymore

Posted: June 18, 2019 | Categories: Car Accidents

How many times have a group of siblings rushed one another, yelling out the phrase, “Shotgun!?” This is done to avoid having to sit in the dreaded middle seat of the back seat. That horrible hump. Our parents may have thought that the back seat was safer, and when it comes to infants and toddlers […]

Trial Set On Crash That May Have Been Caused By Seizure Disorder

Posted: June 17, 2019 | Categories: News

The Berkshire Eagle reports on a New York man facing charges of manslaughter by vehicle for a crash that killed a Housatonic woman in Massachusetts. 69-year-old Robert Bacigalupi will be tried on July 24th on charges of motor vehicle homicide and a marked-lanes violation. His trial will take place at the Central Berkshire District Court. […]

Bricks Fall And Strike Pedestrians On 39th Street

Posted: June 14, 2019 | Categories: News

Falling debris is a growing concern amid the construction boon in New York City. The city has already seen an increase in construction accidents this year compared with the same time frame last year. Falling debris can not only harm construction workers, but it can also strike and injure pedestrians. Failure to secure objects, provide […]

Couple Sues Boeing For 737 Engine Explosion

Posted: June 13, 2019 | Categories: News

Few people fear they will get into an accident driving on their way to work. Yet, that thought will cross at least some passenger’s minds as they taxi down the runway for a flight across the country. Despite those fears, according to raw numbers, flying aboard a commercial airline is overwhelmingly safer than driving. Data […]

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