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Cadet Killed In Rollover Accident

Posted: June 10, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

According to the Military.com website, for the first time since 2011, in 2015 on-duty deaths exceeded deaths that occurred in combat. At first, this seemed like an anomaly, but through 2018, the trend continued. In 2017, four times as many military personnel died in training accidents than were killed in combat. According to the hard […]

Man Pleads Guilty In Crash That Killed Five Family Members

Posted: June 7, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

Wrong way driving only accounts for a small percentage of overall fatal car accidents, but due to the nature of these accidents, they are more likely to be fatal. This is because a majority of wrong way accidents occur at high speeds and typically involve head-on impact or side-swipe impact. Age has been represented as […]

Worker Falls To Death From Scaffolding, No Guardrails

Posted: June 5, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

When compared to the same period last year, construction accidents and fatalities rose in the first seven months of 2018. This is according to the city’s Department of Buildings, which oversees construction and job site safety in the city. The number of accidents rose from 386 to 457, an 18.4% increase. The number of injuries […]

Driver Who Hit And Killed Pedestrian Receives Minor Citations

Posted: May 6, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

In New York, the law provides extensive regulations for both drivers, pedestrians, and bicycles alike. Typically, pedestrians are going to have the right of way if they are in a crosswalk, even if they are crossing against the light. The only time that a pedestrian does not have the right of way is if they […]

Snowmobile Deaths On The Rise

Posted: April 12, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

Snowmobiling is a popular recreational activity during the winter in New York. While most of the time, these are safe vehicles to operate and ride, accidents do occur. During the 2016-17 season, there were 183 snowmobile accidents in New York. Of those, 20 were fatal, resulting in 24 deaths. This is an increase over 2015-16, […]

Tractor Trailer Ignores ‘Move Over” Law, Hits And Kills Department Of Transportation Employee

Posted: March 21, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

New York has what is called a “move over” law. The law requires vehicles to move over and slow down for emergency vehicles (such as police vehicles, fire vehicles, and ambulances),  any vehicle displaying amber lights (like tow trucks), and Construction crews, roadway maintenance crews, and sanitation vehicles have been included. Drivers who fail to […]

Cadet Dies On Academy Ski Slope

Posted: March 14, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

Researchers estimate that about 600,000 people each year are injured while skiing or snowboarding. In the 2016 ski season, 54 skiers and snowboarders died at resorts in the United States. The majority of these deaths occurred on well-groomed, intermediate runs. Only 31% of the deaths and injuries occurred on expert slopes. NBC New York reports […]

Syracuse University Coach Involved In Fatal Accident

Posted: February 22, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is attempting to reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities through a program called Vision Zero. The program includes increased enforcement, the timing of traffic lights, and giving pedestrians more time to cross the city’s streets. The program has seen some initial successes, with pedestrian fatalities over the past few […]

Officer Dies In Garbage Truck Crash

Posted: February 14, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

ABC 7 New York reports on a fatal crash involving an off-duty NYPD officer and a city garbage truck. A horrific accident claimed the life of an off-duty New York Police Department officer early on the morning of Wednesday, January 16, 2019. 28-year-old Brian Kessler, who was assigned to Police Service #8 of the housing […]

Two Dead In Snow Slide Accident

Posted: February 5, 2019 | Categories: Wrongful Death

Winter can wreak havoc on both vehicles and the roads that they travel upon. While New Yorkers may be used to driving in the snow, even the most careful and well-trained drivers can find themselves facing an accident in snowy conditions. Of course, there are some tips that any driver can follow to help ensure […]

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