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Syracuse University Coach Involved In Fatal Accident

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is attempting to reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities through a program called Vision Zero. The program includes increased enforcement, the timing of traffic lights, and giving pedestrians more time to cross the city’s streets. The program has seen some initial successes, with pedestrian fatalities over the past few years falling, despite an uptick so far this year. These efforts have yet to spread to other jurisdictions, however. ABC 7 New York reports on a fatal accident involving a pedestrian and the couch of Syracuse University’s basketball team.

Late Wednesday night, the coach of the Syracuse University’s men’s basketball team was involved in a fatal accident involving a pedestrian.

Jim Boeheim, 74, was driving home when he swerved to miss a car that had been disabled in the middle of the roadway. 51-year-old Jorge Jiminez had been in the car, which had lost control and hit a guardrail.

Jimenez and three others who had been in the car were walking down the roadway when Boeheim struck and killed Jiminez. Boeheim stopped to render aid to Jiminez. Another person was also injured in the accident.

According to the police, the collision happened on the side of the roadway which was dark and poorly lighted. Boeheim used the light from his cell phone to warn other motorists of the accident. The crash happened shortly after Syracuse won a home game against the University of Louisville.

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