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Teen Caught On Camera Going Wrong-Way Through Tunnel

Vehicle deaths in the United States have declined in the past decade. However, wrong-way crashes have remained consistent in the most recent decade. In 2014, the Federal Highway Administration reported that there were 382 people killed in wrong-way crashes. In about 60% of wrong-way collisions, the drivers are impaired by either drugs or alcohol. Though they only make up a very small percentage of all crashes, wrong-way crashes are often the most visible and the most reported. Fatalities occur in about 20-25% of wrong-way crashes, compared to about 0.5% of all other crashes.

The NY Daily News reports on a wrong-way crash in the Queens Midtown Tunnel that was caught on dashcam.

On April 28th an 18-year-old Bronx man was captured on dashcam entered the wrong tube on the Queens Midtown Tunnel and slammed head-on into an Uber driver.

Jorje Beato scrambled from the wreck and was nearly killed after pulling what police first thought was a gun and aiming it at the Bridge and Tunnel officer. The officer held his fire and quickly realized that Beato only held a cell phone.

Authorities estimate that at the time of the accident, Beato was traveling at 60 m.p.h. He slammed head-on into Zafar Iqbal’s white Toyota Highlander while traveling the curve. It was Iqbal’s dashcam that caught the collision.

When the accident occurred, Beato was driving on a learner’s permit, allegedly under the influence of marijuana and cocaine while speeding. Police had to struggle with Beato before taking him into custody. He was charged with reckless driving, drug possession, marijuana possession, unlicensed operation of a vehicle, and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.


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