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Toddler Critically Injured In Horrific Crash

New York has laws that state that a driver who has been involved in an accident must stop and share information with other drivers who were involved. If a driver fails to do so, they can face criminal charges, and the severity of those charges depend on whether there were any injuries involved. In accidents that just involve property damage, the driver may be charged with a misdemeanor criminal charge. However, if there are serious injuries, the driver may be charged with a felony if they leave the scene before the authorities arrive.

NBC New York reports on an accident that injured four people, including a toddler in Long Island.

The crash, which occurred Wednesday morning, was described by witnesses as “horrific.”

According to police, a Nissan ran a stop sign near Neighborhood Road in Mastic Beach at about 11 a.m. The Nissan then hit a Toyota before striking an unoccupied Jeep. One of the vehicles overturned and left three people inside the Toyota injured. Their injuries were all said to be serious, but not life-threatening.  A toddler was in the back seat of the Nissan. He was critically injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.  Neighborhood residents say that people often speed through the streets and need to slow down.

The driver who fled has not been identified, but police are asking anyone with information to call the tipline.

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