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Safety Hearing For New Limousine Regulations Follow Deadly October Crash

A tragic limousine accident occurred in October last year and killed 20 people, including the driver. Further investigation revealed that the modified SUV should not have even been on the road. Both state officials and officials from the National Transportation Safety Board have been investigating the deadly crash. The operator of the limousine company, Nauman Hussain, is facing criminal charges. Authorities allege that Hussain kept putting the limo involved in the crash back into service despite being taken off the road by state inspection officials. Now, the Times-Union reports that the New York State Senate will be having safety hearings regarding limousines.

Next week, New York’s safety regulations will be examined at a public hearing in Albany.

The Senate Transportation Committee has planned at least two hearings for this matter. The Senate is expected to hear from experts in the transportation industry, safety experts, and family members of those killed in the fatal October crash.

The focus of the hearings will be on new regulations for limousine companies and operators as well as road safety issues.

State lawmakers have signed off on an $85 state inspection fee, tougher penalties for illegal limo operators, and powers to remove license plates from the limousines that fail state inspections. Governor Cuomo had intended to ban on after-market stretch limousines, but that part of the deal was dropped from the current budget. Some of the new regulations were crafted in direct response to the fatal accident last October.

Besides the hearings, a bill has been introduced that would significantly raise the minimum insurance requirements that upstate limo companies must carry on their vehicles. The bill would increase the minimum amount to $1.5 million for injuries or death to one or more passengers.


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