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Trucks Ignore Weather Ban, Cause 19 Car Pileup

Inclement weather can cause even the best of drivers to have a bad day and crash. The recent snowstorm that struck the northeast prompted officials in New York to temporarily ban tractor-trailers from a section of the Thruway. The ban was put into effect because the of the hazardous road conditions expected to be caused by the storm. Agencies used text on electronic message boards and social media. Despite the ban, two tractor-trailers used the Thruway during the time period, and caused a 19-car pileup, as the Democrat and Chronicle reports.

Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the ban on tractor-trailers and buses, which was effective at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29th, and covered the area between exit 46 and the Pennsylvania line. The ban was placed into effect due to the snowstorm in the area.

Despite the ban, two tractor-trailers entered the Thruway at an unknown location on Wednesday, January 30th. One of those tractor-trailers lost control and jack-knifed, striking state Trooper Dominique Wilson’s squad car, pushing it into the roadway. The squad car was then struck by a second tractor-trailer and the pileup then ensued.

Wilson, along with two other motorists, received non-life-threatening injuries in the accident.

Both of the truck drivers are facing multiple traffic violations. One of those violations is driving on the Thruway during a ban on tractor-trailer and bus travel. According to the governor’s office, truck and bus drivers who violate the ban may receive a fine of up to $450 as well as two points on their driver’s license.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that criminal charges against the drivers may happen, but police indicated that the investigation had concluded with no charges.

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