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Levittown Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

If you were involved in a side-impact collision and suffered injuries you are facing medical bills and other related expenses. You may be wondering how to handle these costs if you are unable to work while you recover. If a negligent driver caused your collision, you have the right to hold them responsible for their actions, and a Levittown side-impact collision lawyer can help.

The team at Friedman & Simon, L.L.P., works on car accident cases, including those involving side-impacts. We will take the burden of handling a personal injury claim off your shoulders, gathering evidence to build a strong case, and communicating with all parties on your behalf.

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Causes of Side-Impact Collisions

When side-impact collisions occur, it is often because a driver accidentally drives through a stop sign or red light and hits another car moving through the intersection. Potential reasons for this can include behaviors like drowsy, distracted, or reckless driving.

Drowsy Driving

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowsy driving makes it hard to stay alert and focus on the road. This means it can slow your reaction time if you need to suddenly swerve or stop to avoid a collision. Moreover, the CDC cited a study that found that drivers who go 24 hours without sleep have an impairment equal to a blood-alcohol level of 0.10—higher than the legal limit.

Distracted Driving

Driver distractions come in many forms. This can include using navigation systems, eating behind the wheel, changing the radio, talking to passengers, or using a phone. Operating a phone is one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving behavior, as it takes the driver’s focus off their driving, eyes off the road, and hands off the wheel.


When drivers speed, they require a greater distance to stop. It also increases the severity of injuries and property damage. If you pair speeding with distraction or drowsiness, it substantially increases the likelihood of an accident, such as going through an intersection after a light has changed to red or overlooking a stop sign. When a driver speeds, he or she is less likely to be able to avoid a collision.

Whether one of these circumstances led to your side-impact collision or there were other factors, you have the right to hold the negligent driver responsible for your losses. A Levittown side-impact collision lawyer with Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. will help. Call today at (516) 932-0400 for a free case review.

How the Statute of Limitations Impacts Your Claim

Like every state, New York has a statute of limitations. This set of rules places limits on the amount of time that plaintiffs have to pursue compensation after any type of personal injury accident, such as a side-impact collision. If you fail to file your claim by the time the New York statute of limitations runs out, you are typically barred from recovering any damages.

There are other rules and various very important practical considerations, (such as obtaining witness statements or capturing video surveillance footage before it is erased,) that make consulting with a Levittown Side Impact Collision Lawyer as soon as you are able the most prudent course of action. Simply stated, the sooner you contact us, the greater our opportunity to build the best case possible for you.

New York Negligence Laws

Just as every state has a statute of limitations, every state also has a set of laws that dictate how to allocate damages when multiple parties are responsible for causing a collision. New York follows a comparative fault system.

In this system, a plaintiff can recover damages regardless of how responsible they are for causing an accident. Their compensation just gets reduced by the degree to which they are liable. Technically, as an example, in a comparative fault system, a plaintiff could recover compensation for an accident in which they were 90% responsible. However, they will only recover 10% of the damages awarded.

This may be a relief if you are concerned that you are partially responsible for the accident. Still, you will want to ensure that you have enough evidence in your case to prove the other driver’s level of responsibility. Otherwise, you may not receive the settlement you deserve.

Types of Recoverable Damages in Side-Impact Collisions Cases

There are many types of damages you could recover after a side-impact collision. The types of recoverable damages ultimately depend on the details of your case, such as the severity of your injuries and the extent of property damage you suffered. Common recoverable damages in cases like this include:

  • Medical costs like hospital stays, ambulance treatment and transportation, surgical procedures, and medication.
  • Physical and occupational therapy.
  • Current and future lost wages if your earning potential is diminished.
  • Diminished quality of life.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Vehicle repairs.

If your loved one did not survive the accident, you may be able to recover damages in a wrongful death claim. If that is what has brought you to this page, we offer you our heartfelt condolences. While no amount of compensation can make up for this loss, an award from a wrongful death claim can help you cover some of the financial burden, such as:

  • Funeral and burial expenses.
  • Loss of consortium.
  • Loss of support and protection.
  • Pain and suffering experienced by your loved one due to the accident before passing.
  • Wages and benefits the decedent would have earned throughout his or her lifetime.

Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. is Here for You

We understand how overwhelming the aftermath of a car accident can be. Our experienced and dedicated Levittown side-impact collision lawyers can help you build a case and pursue compensation for your injuries and losses. Here are some specific ways we can help:

  • Keep you updated on your case
  • Identify liable parties
  • Communicate with all parties for you
  • Gather evidence
  • Determine a value for your case

You do not have to go through this alone. The team at Friedman & Simon, L.L.P., will be by your side from start to finish, fighting for your rights. We will not hesitate to go head-to-head with the large insurance companies to pursue a fair settlement in your case.

For a free consultation to find out what options you have for recovering compensation, call Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. today at (516) 932-0400.

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