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Mineola Personal Injury Lawyer

Since 1991, Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. has served as advocates for the injured people of New York. We believe that when a person suffers physical or emotional harm as the result of someone else’s negligence, that person deserves to receive compensation for their damages. A Mineola personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly to make that happen.

Call Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. today at 516-932-0400 for a free consultation regarding your case, your rights for compensation, and our strategy for recovering the damages you have suffered at the hands of another party’s negligence.

Types of Injury Cases We Handle in Mineola

Personal injury cases can take many forms, and our practice handles cases claims and litigation arising out of the many ways people are injured, which includes the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Birth injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents

Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. works on a contingency basis, meaning you pay us no legal fees unless and until you receive compensation for your injury.

Benefits of Working with a Mineola Personal Injury Lawyer

The legal service we provide our Mineola injury clients extends far beyond filing legal documents. We support and nurture our clients with top-to-bottom legal and client service so they can focus their energy on restoring their health and their lives.

We Keep You Updated on Your Case

We know the outcome of your injury case could affect your life in many ways. You want to know how the case is progressing, whether it is meeting any obstacles, and how those obstacles will be cleared. Our multilingual staff (English, Spanish, Greek, Kannada, Tamil, and Bengali) and legal team will keep you informed about every aspect of your case with timely communications.

We Will Identify Liable Parties

Our legal team will embark on a thorough investigation of the accident that resulted in your injury. We will gather evidence, collect documentation, and do everything required to identify the at-fault party and establish their liability to insurers and/or a judge and jury.

We Will Communicate With all Parties on Your Behalf

When you hire Friedman & Simon, L.L.P., we take care of communicating with every party involved in your case, including fact witnesses, expert witnesses the insurance companies, doctors and other medical treatment providers, lawyers, and courts.

We Will Gather Evidence

We will fortify your case with the strongest evidence available that we obtain from witness testimonies, accident reports, photos and videos of the accident scene, expert opinions, and medical records, as well as any other source that tells the story of your accident.

We Will Determine the Value of Your Case

As needed, your legal team will consult with experts in the fields of medicine, economics, vocational rehabilitation, and life care planning, and pair their opinions with our research of your quantifiable losses to calculate recoverable damages we will seek from the liable party.

Recoverable Damages in an Injury Claim

Although every personal injury case is different, the types of damages you might recover in your case include expenses that we can prove with bills and receipts:

  • Ambulance transport
  • Hospitalization
  • Physician and surgeon fees
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home modifications
  • Lost income and benefits
  • Prescription medications
  • Other out-of-pocket costs

Sometimes an injury requires future or ongoing treatment. It might even prevent you from resuming your job. In this case, we will tap the professional opinions of various experts to arrive at values for:

  • Estimated costs of future and ongoing medical treatment
  • Lost future income and benefits
  • Diminished earning capacity

We will also pursue non-economic damages, including the following types:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Diminished enjoyment of life

There are times when another party’s negligence causes a death. If you have suffered the death of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, we deeply regret your loss. We want you to know that you are entitled to pursue a wrongful death action against the at-fault party. Our legal team can represent you in this effort, and we will do so with compassion and vigor.

Call Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. at 516-932-0400 to discuss our handling of this matter on your behalf.

How We Will Identify the Liable Parties in Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury law requires that we establish liability in order to recover damages. Our legal team will meet the required criteria by proving the following arguments:

  1. Duty of Care: The defendant (at-fault party) owed you a duty to take reasonable care to protect you from harm or injury.
  2. Breach of Duty: The at-fault party violated this duty of care.
  3. Causation: The defendant’s breach of duty caused the accident that resulted in your injury.
  4. Damages: The accident caused you physical injury and yielded recoverable physical, emotional, and financial damages.

You Have Limited Time to Take Legal Action for Your Mineola Personal Injury

New York’s statute of limitations gives you a limited timeframe from the date of your accident in which to commence a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Other time limits apply to claims and litigation too. To avoid having these windows of opportunity close on you, you should start the process of taking legal action as soon as possible.

The earlier you hire an injury attorney, the more time they will have to build a winning case on your behalf. Your case also will benefit from prompt, rather than delayed, access to witnesses who have a clearer recollection of the events that led to your accident when they are fresh. The testimonies of even the most well-meaning witnesses will suffer from faded memories over time.

A Mineola Personal Injury Lawyer Will Protect Your Right to Compensation
Our personal injury lawyers are committed to delivering results in your personal injury case. We will put our years of serving clients to help recover the maximum amount of compensation for you. Every step of the way, you can count on our compassion, our drive, and our professionalism. Call Friedman & Simon L.L.P. today for a free consultation: 516-932-0400.

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