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E-Bikes Come With Their Own Dangers

With the rise in popularity of e-scooters and motor-assisted pedal bikes, it’s no wonder that there has been a spike in injuries in the cities where companies like Bird, Lime, and Citi Bikes have made inroads. While these convenient and undoubtedly green modes of transportation may help to some extent with traffic congestion, some public health officials are concerned about the rise in injuries. According to a study conducted by the CDC, nearly 20 people were injured every 10,000 trips. While that may not seem significant, the majority of those injuries were reported to be head injuries, which can be serious. The same can be said of e-bikes, which Reuters reports also show a distinct pattern of serious injuries. 

Electric powered bikes may seem similar to the scooters, but one study found they had a higher risk of serious injury than regular bicycles and a different pattern of injuries to the electric scooter. 

Emergency department data collected from 2000 to 2017 was analyzed to compare injuries between all three types of vehicles. 

E-bike riders were more likely to suffer from internal injuries. E-scooter riders were most likely to suffer from a concussion. E-bike injuries also were more likely to involve a collision with a pedestrian than the scooter or traditional bicycle. 

The study also indicated that injuries from e-bikes were more severe than the injuries from e-scooters or pedal bikes.

Males accounted for 83.3% of all e-bike injuries. 

Because e-bikes have speeds well over 20 miles per hour when the power assist is engaged, the injuries can be more serious than traditional bikes, who rarely get over 10 m.p.h. 

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