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When you climb behind the wheel of your car, whether it is for a drive to the store or a long road trip, you expect the trip to go smoothly. You certainly are not planning to end up in an accident with a negligent semi-truck driver.

If you were in such an accident, you or a loved one could have significant injuries, which could take months, or even longer, to heal. You should not have to pay for the potentially tremendous money damages that you may be faced with when someone else was responsible for the collision. You can recover damages for pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.

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Recoverable Damages After a Truck Accident

Because semi-trucks are much larger and greatly outweigh a typical passenger car, an accident between the two often results in significant damage to the smaller vehicle, putting its occupants at an increased risk of harm.

A collision with semi can result in a fatality, which means you could file a wrongful death case on behalf of a loved one, tragically lost in such an accident. We understand that no amount of compensation can bring them back. Yet, by bringing a civil action, you hopefully will be able to prevent a negligent semi-truck driver from harming others. We are dedicated to winning the compensation you need and the justice your departed loved one deserves.

Compensation for Truck Accident Victims

By moving forward with seeking compensation, you have the right to pursue both economic and noneconomic damages for your losses.

Some of the items for which you could receive compensation after a semi accident include:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • The cost of staying at a long-term treatment facility
  • Wages lost during your recovery period
  • Loss of future wages, because you cannot continue in your pre-accident line of work
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Impaired quality of life
  • Pain and suffering

You also could receive compensation for emotional trauma as manifested by such conditions as: sleep disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares, panic attacks, fear of traveling in a vehicle, and various other consequential disturbances.

With a Levittown semi-truck lawyer on your side, you will have the ability to defend your right to compensation. The team of personal injury lawyers at Friedman & Simon, L.L.P., will help keep your case on track, including meeting any statute of limitations that apply. Contact us today at (516) 932-0400 to schedule a free consultation.

Potential Injuries in Semi-Truck Accidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2018, 2,212 people were killed in accidents involving passenger vehicles and large trucks. Of those deaths, 96% were traveling inside the smaller car. This highlights the likelihood of significant personal injuries and fatalities for those traveling in a car at the time of a semi-truck crash.

Some of the most common physical injuries someone could suffer after a wreck involving a semi include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion
  • Whiplash
  • Neck and spinal cord injury including those leading to paralysis
  • Sprained ligaments
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limbs
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Severe bleeding
  • Loss of sensory perception
  • Torn muscles or ligaments

To bolster your case, you should consider keeping records of all interactions between yourself and your attending doctor, as well as a journal of your symptoms and their impact on your activities of daily living, as this will help document the connection between your injuries and the accident.

Dangers of Negligent Truckers on the Roads

In the state of New York, drivers must follow numerous state and federal regulations when operating a semi-truck.

Hours of Operation

Truck drivers must keep track of the number of hours they drive on roads.

New York state law says drivers must follow several rules for how long they are able to drive, including:

  • No more than 11 hours of driving continuously
  • At least 10 hours consecutively off duty before driving up to 11 hours
  • No more than 70 hours of driving on eight consecutive days, to be followed with 34 or more hours consecutively off duty

Any violation of these hours of operation rules could show a trucker was behaving negligently before the wreck.

Commercial Truck Drivers Must Be Licensed

A truck driver must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate a truck legally in New York. To hold a CDL, the driver must pass a series of tests.

If the driver does not hold a CDL, it is possible they lied on their job application, and the trucking company had no idea. However, the trucking company may have been negligent in failing to exercise the due diligence of verifying the driver status. Other times, the company allows the driver to operate without a CDL, especially if they are having difficulty employing workers. These circumstances described are just two of many possible scenarios, presented as examples to show that depending upon the specific, unique facts of your accident the trucking company may be held liable for your injuries. Such liability of the trucking company may be found not only because their driver caused the accident while driving their truck, but also if the trucking company was negligent in hiring and entrusting the truck to that driver. We are experienced in investigating such situations and hope that we can use our experience on your behalf to build the strongest possible case for you.

Equipment Violation

Sometimes, to cut corners, a trucking company will not make needed repairs on a semi before sending it onto the road. If the semi that hit you had faulty brakes, a malfunctioning steering system, or other issues, the trucking company could be liable.

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When you rely on Friedman & Simon, L.L.P., to protect your right to receive compensation in a truck accident case, we will help you in several ways, including:

  • Keeping you updated on your case
  • Identifying liable parties
  • Communicating with all parties on your behalf
  • Gathering evidence
  • Determining a value for your case

Because we work on a contingency fee basis, you will not pay any fees upfront. Our payment comes out of the settlement or judgment you receive after we reach a satisfactory resolution in your case.

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