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What Products Have Harmful Talcum Powder?

According to the litigation filed against talc-based product manufacturers, the list of products that have harmful talcum powder includes a number of products that were popular for feminine hygiene use for decades. Some of the products named in the talcum powder multidistrict litigation, MDL-2738, include:

  • Johnson’s Baby Powder (talc-based formula)
  • Shower to Shower
  • Gold Bond Body Powder
  • Gold Bond Extra Strength Body Powder
  • Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray
  • Cashmere Bouquet Talcum Powder
  • Many other talc-based products for cosmetic and personal use

Almost any type of talc-based product a woman used for feminine hygiene over the last 50+ years could contain asbestos fibers that may cause cancer. Women who frequently used baby powder, body powder, or another personal hygiene powder are likely at the greatest risk.

Determining If You Used a Harmful Talc-Based Product

Many of the products that have harmful talcum powder in them are no longer on the market. However, many plaintiffs used some of these products for decades. The Johnson & Johnson products were particularly popular, and Colgate-Palmolive Co.’s Cashmere Bouquet powder was available for more than 100 years. If you know the product that you most commonly used, our team will likely be able to review the ingredients based on the dates you remember using the product.

As early as 1976, the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (today known as the Personal Care Products Council) recommended that manufacturers of talc-based products conduct testing to ensure they only used asbestos-free talc. Asbestos is a known carcinogen and linked closely to several types of cancer, including mesothelioma.

However, there is reason to believe either that this did not occur, or that manufacturers ignored the results. Today, those manufacturers are facing legal action from more than 18,000 women who are cancer survivors or continue to battle asbestos-related cancer. These large corporations continue to stand by their products, claiming they are safe and do not contain asbestos or other harmful contaminants.

Many Women Have Not Used Talc-Based Products in Decades

Researchers have long known that it takes 20 years or longer for inhaled asbestos fibers to embed in the lung tissue, trigger malignant growth, and become symptomatic pleural mesothelioma. The same now seems to be true for ovarian cancer triggered by asbestos-contaminated talc.

Many of the women who are plaintiffs in talcum powder lawsuits have not used talc-based products for feminine hygiene in a decade or longer. Consumer demand for these products has decreased greatly since the 1970s and 1980s.

Still, many women who used the products in the past are receiving cancer diagnoses today. While it is possible some have continued to use the products and others are using old products they have on hand, it seems the most likely reason is that it takes years for asbestos fibers to cause cancer in ovarian tissue, as well.

Bloomberg reported that Johnson & Johnson began a plan to phase out its talc-based products in May of 2020, leaving even fewer talc-based powders on the market today. The company pointed to the decrease in consumer demand for the change and indicated they would continue to stand by the safety of their talcum powder products.

What to Do If You Believe You Qualify to Join the Talcum Powder Lawsuit

If you believe you qualify to file a claim and join the talcum powder lawsuit, let our team know. We can determine if the products you used likely put you at risk of cancer, review your medical records, and take legal action. This may be against the manufacturer of the powder, the talc mine that supplied the talc, and other liable parties.

We will work closely with experts who can help us document your exposure, link your cancer to your talcum powder use, and put a fair value on your damages. This could include:

  • Medical experts
  • Vocational rehabilitation specialists
  • Life care planners
  • Economists

We will pursue damages on your behalf if you qualify. This includes:

  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Medical care and treatment expenses
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Income losses

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